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Pay Per Click Advertising

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

Then you may be ready for Pay Per Click advertising. If you already use Pay Per Click and are getting a better result than a 5% cost of net sale result, then you are mostly best to stay where you are at.

If you are dissatisfied with your current Pay Per Click Account Management Company or are ready to go to the next level in promoting your web site to bring in more revenue, then read on.

Advantages of Pay Per Click Advertising

  • Allows you to target a specific region (also known as geo-targeting).
  • Allows you to target multiple keywords.
  • You can get almost immediate results.
  • You can change ads and keywords quickly.
  • You decide how much you want to spend on a daily or monthly basis.
  • You only pay when someone clicks on your ads.
  • Traffic and rankings are more predictable and stable than SEO.
  • Since PPC makes Google so much money, Google is determined to build PPC credibility and deliver to the searching customer exactly what they want.

Getting Started with Pay Per Click Advertising

Once speaking with our team and determining Rainmaker is right for your business, we will collect some basic information to get you started.

From there, we will then schedule a call to get the process started. Before our call, we will take a look at your website and any current PPC accounts to get a good understanding of your business and advertising history. With this background knowledge and our first scheduled call, it will be our goal to have a full understanding of the goals and factors that will contribute to creating the best PPC strategy to move forward.

Analysis & Setup

Our analysis and setup process will get us from just understanding to actively advertising.

The platforms that enable PPC at Google & Bing all need a custom setup specific to each client before we flip the switch and start bringing in traffic and spending money. Our understanding of your business, PPC knowledge and experience and a competitive/industry analysis will give us a clear strategy to move forward with your PPC plan. Whether you are an existing PPC advertiser or brand new to PPC, we will develop a solid strategy to move forward. Our methods and strategies are developed through experience and training.

Campaign Management

After advertising has begun we continue working like a member of your team. After your ad campaigns are active, PPC account management is an ongoing process of analyzing results, optimizing the campaigns, monitoring competitors, and maintaining alignment between your advertising and your business goals. Your advertising campaigns are never completely static and over time the ads, keywords and bids will change. Your continued success with PPC advertising depends on active campaign management.

Flash / Image Ads

Rainmaker is now offering high quality image ad production for current PPC management clients. Image ads offer greater exposure and opportunity for PPC advertisers through their accounts at Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing and MSN Ad Center. If you are wondering about adding image ads for your business, please contact Rainmaker Internet Marketing for specifics relating to your account.

Additional charges for Holidays and On-Call Ads.



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